How to Mix Oil & Gas for My Weed Eater

Things You'll Need

  • One gallon fuel container

  • Indelible marker

  • 2-cycle engine oil

  • One gallon of gas


A Weed Eater trimmer, just like other trimmers, uses a special fuel mixture for the engine. Using straight gas or an improper mixture of gas and oil causes major damage to the internal components of the Weed Eater trimmer. A separate fuel container for the trimmer fuel is necessary to mix the oil and gas for your Weed Eater trimmer. Always have the trimmer in a well-ventilated area when adding fuel to the trimmer. Do not mix gas and oil directly in the trimmer fuel tank.

Step 1

Purchase a small one gallon fuel container at a hardware store or home improvement center. Label the container as trimmer fuel or mix with a marker. This fuel container should be specifically used for the trimmer fuel only.

Step 2

Pour the contents of one 3.2 fluid ounce bottle of 2-cycle engine oil into the fuel container.

Step 3

Add one gallon of gas to the fuel container.

Step 4

Screw the lid onto the fuel container and shake the fuel container to mix the fuel/oil mixture.

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