How to Make a Pool Debris Vacuum

A pool vacuum will remove those pesky leaves and debris that float in the pool.
A pool vacuum will remove those pesky leaves and debris that float in the pool. (Image: swimming pool, image by Greg Pickens from

No matter how hard you work to keep your pool clean, little feet pick up pieces of grass and dirt. No matter how many times you ask children to wipe their feet or step in the bucket of water before entering the pool, somehow the debris still ends up in the pool. A skimmer only helps take out the stuff floating on the top of the water. Making a homemade pool debris vacuum allows you to use the power of the skimmer throughout the entire pool.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Store-cut plexiglas
  • Black electrical tape
  • Duct tape
  • Pool vacuum hose
  • Broom handle
  • Drill
  • Floral wire

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Purchase a piece of plastic measuring the exact size of the wall skimmer opening. To find the size, remove the lid to the skimmer and measure the area you see when you look inside.

Cover the ends of the plexiglas with black electrical tape. This will prevent the liner or fingers from getting cut.

Drill a hole in the plastic to the size of the opening in the end of the hose you will be using.

Wrap duct tape around the opening at the end of the hose. You should only have to do this a couple of times. This will give the hose and the plastic a tighter fit.

Force the hose through the hole. If it doesn’t fit snugly then wrap another row of tape around it and try again, because the hose needs to be as snug as it can get.

Drill a hole through the end of a wooden broom stick. The hole only needs to be large enough to slide a piece of wire through it. Drill the hole a few inches away from the end so that you don't take a chance of splitting the wood.

Slide a piece of floral wire through the hole in the broomstick and wrap it around the end of the hose. Twist the wire to connect the two together. Hide the end of the wire between the hose and the broom stick so that it doesn't puncture the pool liner.

Turn the pump off. Place the hose in the pool. Remove the cover to the top of the skimmer.

Place the plastic cover over the skimmer. Turn the pump back on. The suction of the skimmer will hold the plastic in place. Use the broom stick as a guide to push the "vacuum" around the pool. You may have to help the water through the hose initially, but after that it should suction the water on its own.


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