How to Get Rid of Swarmer Termites

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid termite treatment

  • Termite baits

  • Slow-acting pesticide

Termites are a fairly common household pest but cause far more damage than your average fly or mosquito. Their wood-eating tendencies and quick reproduction damage both buildings and trees. Swarmer termites are young male and female termites looking for a new home. While a couple swarmers are easy to kill, more will appear every year unless you get rid of whatever colony is in the area.

Step 1

Spray the swarmer termites you find with liquid termite treatment to kill them immediately. Chances are good that all swarmer termites will be in a large group until they pair off and fly to their new homes.

Step 2

Locate the colony that the swarmer termites came from to eradicate the entire population of termites. These swarmers are the hatchlings from the year, and only represent part of the termite population. Look for colonies in the dirt, under the eaves of houses, in wood piles, attics and basements, and in hollow trees. The best way to eradicate the entire colony is by attacking the nest directly.

Step 3

Spray the termite colony with liquid termite treatment if or when you find it. This treatment will kill all the termites inside, which includes both workers and the queen. The queen is the source of any future termites; killing her will destroy the reproductive cycle of this particular colony.

Step 4

Put termite baits in the soil around the property to bait termites that are out scouting. Put pieces of wood into the termite baits to bait them, and then "rig" them with slow-acting pesticide. Termites who enter the boxes to eat the wood will pick up the slow-acting pesticide on their legs and antennae, and carry it back into the colony. There, the pesticide will kill all inhabitants. If you can't find the colony itself, this is a good way to attack the core of the termite population.

Step 5

Build a barrier around your property using termite baits and liquid treatment. Spray liquid treatment into the ground at your property line, and set a line of baits alongside the liquid treatment. After the swarming termites settle on a property, they lose their wings and become subterranean, like other termites. This barrier will keep them from moving onto your yard.


Destroy any colonies you find after the termites are dead to discourage new termites from moving in.


Termite damage is irrevocable. Wood damaged by termites must be replaced.

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