How to Lay Sod in the Rain

Stacks of rolled sod.
Stacks of rolled sod. (Image: sod-cut pieces image by Jeffrey Zalesny from

Sodding a lawn has become a highly favored practice in comparison to merely planting grass seeds. Sod is pre-grown grass that it is then cut a few inches below the soil to provide a strip of grass and roots with an inch or two of dirt on the bottom. Sod is fairly easy to lay even in the rain, and will save you the step of watering the sod once it is placed.

Things You'll Need

  • Ground tiller
  • Rake
  • Sod
  • Sharp knife
  • Lawn roller
  • Wheelbarrow

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Till the area where you will be laying the sod. The tilled ground will make it easier for the roots of the sod to quickly attach to the soil.

Rake the top soil so that it is level. You want to do this just before you lay the sod. This will help even out the ground and loosening the soil helps the sod take root.

Bring all of the sod to your work area, the less trips that you have to make between a work area and a storage area, the less time it will take. The lawn area should have been measured prior to laying sod so you know how much sod you need.

Lay the first strip of the sod along a straight line such as the driveway or the sidewalk. The straight edge is important to ensure that you get even coverage of your lawn.

Lay each subsequent piece next to the previous piece and make sure that you keep them tight together to remove the appearance of seams. Cut any pieces with a sharp knife to fit around corners, sprinklers or other obstacles.

Roll the sod with a lawn roller when you are finished laying all of the sod. You will not need to water the sod after laying it, because the rain will provide ample water.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid walking on the sod as much as possible to prevent depressed areas. Use the wheelbarrow to carry heavy sod to the work area. Sod will be much heavier than usual due to excess water.


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