How to Repair the Cord on Vertical Blinds

If your vertical blind's cord is broken on an area that you can access easily, you can repair it yourself. You may lose a little bit of the cord length during the repair, but that is a small price to pay to make your vertical blind function again. If you have a custom vertical blind and the cord is broken inside the vertical blind's head rail, contact the manufacturer for repair information. If you have an inexpensive vertical blind that cannot be repaired easily, you should replace it.

Things You'll Need

  • Old blanket

  • Scissors

  • Lighter

  • Emery board

  • Paint that matches the color of your vertical blind’s cord

Step 1

Examine your vertical blind and find where the cord is broken. Make sure that you will be able to access the break in the cord easily so that you can melt the two ends of the cord back together.

Step 2

Take the scissors and snip off the ends of the cord where the cord is torn. You only need to snip off enough to give the cord a clean cut with an even end.

Step 3

Spread an old blanket under the area that you will be working. Doing so will prevent your floor or table from being ruined if a melted piece of cord should fall.

Step 4

Hold one end of the cord in one hand. Make sure you are not holding too close to the end of the cord since you will be holding the cord over a fire. Strike the lighter with your other hand and carefully hold the lighter under the end of the cord only until it starts to melt. Do not let the cord catch on fire. If the cord catches on fire, immediately blow out the flame, snip off the end of the cord again, and start over.

Step 5

Take the other end of the cord and press it straight into the part of the cord that you have just melted. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Only press it together just enough to melt it together. Hold it in place until it cools. Tug lightly on the cord to make sure that it has bonded together.

Step 6

Take the emery board and sand only the area that you have melted together. The sanded area must be smooth for your blind to work properly.

Step 7

Open and close the vertical blind slowly with the cord to make sure that it's working properly. Sand the cord again with the emery board if your vertical blind is sticking or stopping when opening or closing the blind.

Step 8

Touch up the area that you have melted together with paint that matches the color of your vertical blind's cord. Let the paint dry before opening or closing the blind.


If you are not an adult, do not attempt to repair a vertical blind cord without adult supervision. Use extreme caution when using a lighter for this procedure.

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