How to Kill Bamboo Cane

Bamboo can take over a yard unless you kill its canes and rhizomes.
Bamboo can take over a yard unless you kill its canes and rhizomes. (Image: bamboo image by cyndi Claessens from

Once bamboo takes root with the right growing conditions, eradicating it from your garden realm requires you to wage war. Killing bamboo cane cannot be done overnight, but the overall process is simple, requiring you to repeat steps until the task is finished. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the best way to kill the cane will be to cut it and let it grow again. Only through repeated cuttings will the cane and the runners beneath die off, leaving you with a bamboo-free backyard.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • Spade (optional)

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Saw all of the canes to the ground.

Water the area well to get the bamboo rhizomes to grow new canes.

Cut any new shoots to the ground as soon as they appear, before leaves emerge, as this prevents the plant from making the food energy it needs for growth.

Repeat the cutting of new growth until the bamboo no longer appears above ground, indicating that the rhizomes underground have starved and will soon rot in the soil without regrowing.

Dig up any rhizomes left in the ground, if desired, to make sure that your kill is complete.


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