Packing for a Trip to the Beach

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Between the relaxing sound of crashing waves, the feeling of warm sand between your toes and the thawing effect of a blazing summer sun, the perfect beach day doesn't require much more than a bathing suit, a towel and some sunscreen. But, if you want to make your next trip to the coast extra memorable, these picks will make sunbathing on an umbrella-lined shore even more enjoyable. From a great read to a comfy chair, you'll be prepared to hit the sunny scene like a local with these 12 beach-ready buys.

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1. A towel for drying off after taking a dip.

2. A sleek swimsuit that looks great in and out of the water.

3. A wide-brimmed beach hat so you don't get too much sun.

4. A water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

5. A pretty umbrella to avoid turning pink.

6. A great book, like Sweetbitter, to sneak in some summer reading.

7. A giant tote so you only have to make one trip from the car.

8. A football for when you're feeling active.

9. Sunscreen to stay safe in the sun.

10. A beach chair that folds into a backpack — convenient and comfy!

11. A great beach game, like Ladderball, to keep boredom at bay (it's light to carry, too!).

12. A cooler for keeping drinks and snacks chilled.