How to Rent Tools for Carpet Installation

Carpet installation requires a number of tools.
Carpet installation requires a number of tools. (Image: woolen carpet texture image by Tolbxela from

In order to properly install carpeting, you'll need a number of expensive tools, such as a seaming iron, knee kicker and carpet stretcher, to name a few. Unless you're going to install a lot of carpeting over a long period of time, it makes more sense to rent the tools to save money. Home improvement stores, such as The Home Depot, along with rental stores, such as RentalMax, will rent you the tools as long as you have the proper personal identification.

Things You'll Need

  • Driver's License
  • Credit card

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Locate the nearest store that offers tool rentals. They can be found either in a phone book or by doing an Internet search.

Go to the store you've chosen and walk up to the main rental counter.

Tell an employee which carpeting tools you'd like to rent.

Fill out necessary store paperwork, which will include basic information about you, such as name, address and phone number.

Hand store employee your driver's license so they can verify the information.

Sign any liability waivers the store requires with the particular tool rental. They vary from store to store and are different depending on the types of tools.

Hand store employee your credit card, which will be recorded and placed on file. No charges will be placed on the card until the tools are returned.

Take the copy of the rental agreement, along with your driver's license and credit card with you.

Load the tools into your car. If you need help, ask for assistance from a store employee.

Tips & Warnings

  • Tools can be rented either for four hours or the entire day. If you're unsure of how long you'll need it, rent it for four hours; if you run over, the time will simply be added to your bill when you return the tool. However, if you rent it for the day, but only use three hours, you'll still have to pay for the entire day.
  • Tools are in the highest demand on the weekends, so if it is a weekend project, be prepared to be at the store early to ensure you'll be able to rent the tools you need. Tools are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you are unsure of exactly which tools you'll need, the store employees can help if you explain the scope of the project to them.
  • You can purchase insurance for the tools, in the event they get broken while in your possession.
  • Always be sure to ask store employees if you have any questions about the safe operation of the tools.


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