How to Calculate Feed Rate

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The feed rate is one of the two separate velocities in machine tool cutters. Feed is the rate at which the work moves into the cutter measured in feed per tooth revolution, and is expressed in units of distance per revolution. The feed rate depends on the type of tool as well as on the power available on the spindle. To calculate the feed rate, use a formula that includes different variables.

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Analyze the width and depth of the cut you made with your tool. Calculate the inches cut.

Calculate the speed for the cutter. To find the speed, multiply 4 x speed/diameter. Speed is the recommended speed that your cutter should use, expressed in minutes.

Count the number of teeth in the cutter.

Calculate the size of the chip load or feed per tooth. This is the size of chip that each tooth of the cutter takes.

Put all these variables in this formula: Cutter speed (RPM) x number of teeth (T) x chip load (CL).


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