How to Cut Dead Palm Frawns

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Cutting the dead fronds from your palm trees is not usually necessary, but in some cases, if they are hanging poorly, the fronds can create a hazard. The dead fronds on the palm tree generate and shift nutrients to the green, healthy fronds. Those fronds also prevent mold and fungus from infecting the tree. If you do need to cut away dead fronds, caution should be taken to avoid destroying the healthy fronds and trimming away too much.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Tree saw

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Lay your ladder gently against a tree that is too high for you to reach. Accidental cuts from the ladder could cause permanent tree scarring that might lead to disease.

Climb to the height where the fronds begin to brown.

Cut brown fronds that are below a line parallel to the ground. In other words, the dead fronds that hang so that their tips point downward rather than straight out or up are the ones to trim.

Saw off the frond with a hand-held tree saw. Saw at least 2 inches from where the frond meets with the trunk to avoid scarring the trunk. Do not pull on the frond while sawing, as this could tear the frond from the trunk and create scarring.

Dispose of fronds immediately, especially if they were infected with fungus. Fungus can spread quickly throughout a palm tree, and removing the infected growth is essential to keep it from spreading.


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