How to Plant a Blueberry Bush

Blueberries in the market can cost as much as five dollars a pint. Depending on where you live, you can grow a blueberry bush in your own yard and reap the benefits for over twenty years! Imagine picking pounds and pounds of antioxidant-rich blueberries from your own blueberry bush for free! How to plant a blueberry bush:

Things You'll Need

  • prime location for blueberry bush
  • peat moss
  • shovel
  • garden hose
  • garden gloves (optional)

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Find the best possible location to plant the blueberry bush. Take into consideration sunlight requirements (full sun) and the size of the blueberry bush when it is fully mature. Most blueberry bushes spread to 4 feet and can get as tall as 6 feet. Be sure not to choose a spot too close to a building or walkway.

Amend the soil with peat moss to ensure the proper acidity of the soil is reached. While a soil test is not necessary, it can be helpful to know what the exact pH of the soil is to ensure maximum success of the productivity of the blueberry bush. Incorporate the peat moss by adding it to the soil in the area the blueberry bush is to be planted and use a rake to make sure the peat moss is fully mixed with the soil.

Dig a hole twice as deep and twice as wide as the roots of the blueberry bush. Place the blueberry bush into the hole, making sure to spread the roots out flat at the bottom of the hole.

Look for the scion at the bottom of the stem. The scion will be right above a bump called the root/bud union. Be sure to plant the bush above the root/bud union so that the top of the plant does not root out. Often blueberry bushes are propagated by adding the top of the plant to the roots of a different species to ensure maximum productivity of the blueberry bush.

Back-fill the hole with a mixture of peat moss and soil so that the top of the root/bud union rests on top of the soil line.

Spread out the roots with the blueberry bush in the center of the hole. Fill the hole with the peat moss/soil mixture and pack down very lightly. Blueberry bush roots are very shallow and susceptible of damage if jostled or poked. Use your hands to back-fill and pack the soil around the bush.

Water thoroughly with a hose, being sure to hold onto the blueberry bush to ensure it stands upright as you are watering it. Depending on type and variety of blueberry bush chosen, you may see blueberries as soon as a year after planting.

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