How to Plant a Grape Tree

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The grape tree is not only beautiful, but also valuable once mature. A grape tree can produce several bushels of grapes every year. You can squeeze them for juice or wine or make jelly with them. Planting a grape tree is fairly easy, but you will want a fence next to your grape tree; the branches like to vine out and hang on something, as the weight of the grapes makes the tree droop quite a bit.

Things You'll Need

  • 4-foot wire mesh roll
  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • 5-foot steel T-posts
  • Shovel

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Choose a location to plant the grapes. The best site is on a well-drained southern slope. Grapes need a lot of sun exposure.

Hammer the T-posts 1 foot into the ground, spacing them every 10 feet. Unroll the mesh wire and prop it up against the T-posts. Tie the mesh to the T-posts with wire in four spots on each post.

Dig a hole 1 foot deep and 1 foot in diameter right next to one end of the wire mesh fence.

Place the grape tree into the hole. Cover the roots with soil. Pack the soil down firmly. If you are planting multiple grape trees, space them out every 8 feet along the fence.

Saturate the ground with water. Keep the ground fairly wet for two weeks. Water the grape trees at least once a week from then on.


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