How to Make Mittens From Rabbit Skins

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Things You'll Need

  • Tracing paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Rabbit pelt

  • Beard trimmer

  • Needle

  • Heavy sewing thread

  • Pins

  • 1/4-inch elastic

Animal fur has long been utilized by humans to insulate limbs from the cold and warm the skin. Treated rabbit skin pelts provide warmth, as well as comforting softness, while their size makes them the ideal material to use for a pair of fuzzy-on-the-inside mittens. The simple construction of a pair of mittens also makes them a great first-time project for a rookie fur crafter.


Step 1

Create a mitten pattern on paper. Trace your hand on paper, with your fingers pressed together and your thumb out, but relaxed. Trace down to your wrist, but leave the wrist section wider than your actual wrist and as wide as the bottom of your hand to ensure there's enough room to slip the mitten on.


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Step 2

Draw another pattern about 1/2-inch outside the first tracing, to allow for the stitching and dimension. Cut out.

Step 3

Cut out four copies of the mitten pattern from the rabbit skin by tracing them on the skin side of the pelt. Flip the pattern for two of the cutouts in order to create mirror images for front and back sides of each mitten.


Step 4

Use the beard trimmer to remove the fur about 1/4-inch wide around the edge of each mitten piece in order to make sewing easier. Lay the fur pieces flat on your work surface while shaving to make it easier.

Step 5

Sew the mitten cutouts together. For each mitten, place one cutout piece fur-side-in and pressed against its mirror piece. Double-thread your needle for extra strength and hand sew using small running stitches (over and under).


Step 6

Cut a strip of elastic the length of one half of the wrist band area when fully extended. Secure it in place with pins, stretching it before pinning. Sew the elastic in place, then remove the pins. Attach a band of elastic to the bottom of each mitten.


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