How to Install Stone Tree Surround Rings

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There are many ways to create visual landscape effects around trees. Stone tree surrounds create a visual barrier and prevents grass from growing up to the tree trunk. By adding a stone tree surround that is much larger than the diameter of your tree trunk, you can create a space large enough for deep mulch or for decorative flowers around the trunk of your tree. Installing a stone tree surround is not difficult.

Things You'll Need

  • Stone tree surround
  • Hand shovel
  • Hand hoe
  • Mulch (optional)
  • Soil (optional)

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Place the stone tree surround in place on the grass around the tree trunk. Adjust the surround to your desired location.

Use a hand shovel to cut the grass or sod on the outside of the tree surround. By doing this with your surround in place, you are ensuring that the shape of the cut will match the shape of your surround. If you wish to leave the grass around the tree trunk and simply use the surround as a visual element, cut the grass on the inside of the tree ring to allow only a ring of grass to be removed.

Remove the stone tree surround and begin to dig out the grass. If you have made a second cut, only dig out the grass that was directly under the surround. If you are going to mulch or plant other things inside the surround, remove the grass to the tree trunk.

Smooth and level the soil that was under the grass using the hand hoe.

Pack the soil with your hands. This will help prevent uneven settling once you have installed the tree surround ring.

Set the surround ring in place and press it down securely to further compact the soil.

Place mulch or loose soil for planting on the inside of the surround.

Tips & Warnings

  • Smaller stone surrounds are often made of two interlocking pieces of stone. Larger surrounds may be made from four or more wedge-shaped pieces. Set the entire surround in place before making the cuts in the grass.
  • If your grass roots were unusually deep, you may need to backfill some soil to raise the surround above the level of the surrounding grass.


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