How to Revive a Pointsettia

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Poinsettias have become a wonderful addition to the holiday season. With such a colorful plant around, one hates to see the beauty fade. After the foliage has bloomed, it may seem inevitable that the plant will become droopy and wither. There are a few helpful tricks to keep the plant alive and looking good, whether you are reviving it inside or out.

Things You'll Need

  • Poinsettia Plant
  • Bucket
  • Warm Water

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Inside Revival

Fill a large bucket full of warm water and place the potted poinsettia into the water, just enough to cover the soil. You do not want to get the foliage wet.

Take the plant and pot out of the water after about 20 minutes. Allow excessive water to drain from the pot. You don’t want to soak the roots for long periods of time.

Place in an area that gets a sufficient amount of natural light. Medium light is best, hot sunny windowsills should be avoided if possible. The right amount of light and moisture should awaken the droopy foliage.

Outside Revival

Place poinsettia in a cool, dry place and water soil occasionally to prevent the soil from completely drying out. Keep in these conditions until the appropriate time to plant outside.

Plant the poinsettia outside in a larger pot or planter after the risk of frost has passed. The chosen area should be one of medium light, well drained, and low wind during the day and no light at night. Poinsettias only form flower buds if it is given total darkness at night.

Pinch off the top half inch of new growth every time the growth reaches 4 to 5 inches. This will promote new bud growth. Do this through the spring and summer until the first week of September. This will get the poinsettia ready for flowering for the following holiday season.


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