How to Make Thuja Green Giant Trees Grow Fast

Thuja green giant trees grow quickly with the proper care.
Thuja green giant trees grow quickly with the proper care. (Image: Thuja background image by Bartlomiej Nowak from

Thuja green giant trees are popular among gardeners for their ability to create privacy for yards when grown in a row. You also can plant these trees as dramatic specimen plants near your home. Though fast growing, these trees need a proper growing environment and care to achieve their heights of up to 50 feet. The right type of well-draining soil will increase your chances for making this tree a fantastic addition to your yard.

Things You'll Need

  • Tiller
  • Shovel
  • Fertilizer
  • Soaker ball
  • Gardening hose
  • Mulch

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Choose an area of your yard where the tree won't become hindered by power lines or outdoor structures. Clear the designated area of any grass or plants. Other vegetation will compete with the tree for nutrients and water, which will slow down growth. Make sure your site gets full sunlight to partial shade.

Till the ground around the planting area to break up the soil. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball. The depth should equal the height of the root ball for proper root establishment.

Mix a fertilizer into and around the hole, such as Osmocota with an NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) amount of 14-14-14. By using a fertilizer while planting, your tree gets a jump start for establishing roots and for growth.

Water well to establish deep roots. Place a soaker hose underneath the drip line of the tree. For maximum growth, water every two weeks in the summer.

Keep mulch 2 to 3 feet away from the base of the tree as it's established the first year. Competing vegetation will become suffocated by a thick layer of mulch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Thuja green giant trees will not grow very tall the first year they're established. However, keep up a fertilizing routine every four months for quick growth.
  • Avoid using root accelerator when planting if you use fertilizer. By using both, you risk burning the tree.


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