How to Prune Little Gem Magnolia Trees

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The Little Gem Magnolia tree is located mainly in warm southern climates. A close relative of the more commonly known magnolia tree, the Little Gem Magnolia has more of a shrublike appearance. Unlike other shrubs, though, it will grow to an average height of 35 feet tall. Growth is slow and takes up to three years to reach full height. The most appealing feature of the Little Gem Magnolia is that it begins producing flowers while it is still a young seedling.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Hedge shears

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Locate any branches with yellow or discolored leaves and use pruning shears to cut them off near the base of the plant. Little Gem Magnolias are especially susceptible to mold and fungus, so pruning off diseased portions of the plant is critical to the plant's health.

Cut off the tallest branches that are growing vertically from the top of the tree. This forces the tree to branch out rather than continue growing vertically. Little Gem Magnolias that are kept short are much easier to maintain.

Use the pruning shears to cut off any branches that are crowding out other plants or that are growing too close to buildings or walkways.

Use the hedge shears to form the Little Gem Magnolia into a hedge shape if desired. Little Gem Magnolias are most commonly pruned into a boxy hedge shape to line walkways and fences.


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