How to Dead Head Snapdragons

Removing faded and dying flowers, known as deadheading, extends the flowering period of the snapdragons and improves the look of the garden. Snapdragons produce flowers to be pollinated and produce seed. If the flower is removed before the seeds are produced, the plant will need to produce another flower. Deadheading also helps to control disease. Dead and dying flowers provide a medium for disease, insects and fungus. Deadheading helps to keep snapdragon plants healthier and more attractive.

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Wait until the flower starts to wilt and turn brown. Locate the base of the flower where it connects to the main stem.

Pinch the flower away at the base of the snapdragon flower or cut it away with clean clippers. Continue deadheading the flowers through the summer.

Allow the snapdragon flowers to remain on the plant in the fall if you want the plants to produce seeds for next year. Allow the seeds to mature and dry before collecting them to store for the next season.

Tips & Warnings

  • When using clippers, clean them before and after every use to avoid spreading disease.


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