How to Fertilize Meyer Lemon Trees

Since their re-introduction in the United States in 1970, Meyer Lemon Trees have become increasingly popular for their ease of cultivation and their slightly sweeter than normal juice.

Because Meyer Lemons are thin-skinned, they are not suitable for large scale production and shipping, so the best and most satisfying way to keep a good supply on hand is to grow your own Meyer Lemon Tree.

In order to keep your tree productive and healthy, you must keep it well-fed.

Things You'll Need

  • Soil test kit
  • Lime
  • Epsom salts
  • Slow-release fertilizer

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Purchase an inexpensive soil test kit through the Internet or from your local garden center. There are a variety available for less than $10. Use it according to package instructions to determine the acidity of the soil around your tree. Even if your tree has been planted in a container using commercial potting medium, the acidity can change over time.

Meyer Lemon Trees prefer a soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0. If the pH of your lemon tree's soil is not within that range, read and follow the instructions that come with your kit about altering the pH. Often, a small application of garden lime is all that is required.

Feed your tree with a slow-release fertilizer, preferably in granular form, beginning in early spring and continuing until late fall or when the growth period seems to have ended.

Look for a fertilizer labeled as having a 5-1-3 ratio. This is the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus, to potassium in the mix. If you cannot find this exact ratio, chose something similar such as 19-6-2, or at least select a fertilizer which contains a greater proportion of nitrogen than of the other two components.

Broadcast the fertilizer across an area having a diameter about wide as the tree is tall. This will allow the tree to use its entire root system to collect the nutrients.

At least once per spring, water your Meyer Lemon Tree with a solution of one teaspoon Epsom salts to one gallon of water. This will add magnesium to the soil, which will enhance fruit production as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watering correctly is very important to the health of your tree. Meyer Lemon Trees, just like all lemon trees, prefer less frequent deep watering to more frequent shallow watering, which doesn't reach to the lower part of the root system.
  • If you're growing your tree in a container, remember that the amount of any slow-release fertilizer you should apply is determined by the size of the container and not by the size of the tree.


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