How to Grow a Clove Plant

Clove plants have been a highly desirable spice since ancient times. So much so that in the Han dynasty, visitors and subjects were not allowed to speak to the emperor without cloves in their mouths. It's suspected this was standard practice to prevent the emperor from having to deal with people's bad breath. Cloves have many beneficial uses such as antiseptic and antibacterial properties, astringent properties and used to aid in or heal many medical conditions, diseases, and ailments.

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Plant your clove tree in tropical environments. Places like Tanzania, Molucca or Spice Islands around Indonesia, and India are typical sights for clove trees.

Do not place the tree in water-logged conditions. This plant doesn't do well in these conditions and will most likely die if left in heavy water for long.

Clove trees like well-draining soil, but a lot of moisture.

Provide partial shade for the clove trees to thrive.

Add an organic fertilizer right before the rainy season to trenches on both sides of the tree. This will provide an extra boost to the tree's growth.

Tips & Warnings

  • A properly maintained clove tree will start producing flowers and blooms in five to seven years.


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