How to Use Liquid Root Stimulator

Every plant grower is looking for ways to make plants stronger, to help them grow better. Liquid root stimulator is a product that has seen some popularity recently; the idea behind these products is that they contain nutrients that are specifically designed for root growth, and that by mixing them with the water you give to your plants, you can help ensure that your plant roots grow stronger. While these results are unproven and the products are often quite expensive, if you choose to use them you should be sure to follow the proper guidelines for use.

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Mix the liquid root stimulator with the water you use to water your plants. Follow the instructions for your specific brand of root stimulator to determine exactly how much you should apply. For most plants, it seems to be in the range of 1 to 2ml per gallon.

Water your plants as normal, using the stimulator and water solution. Use the product especially early in the growing season when root development is most important.

To determine whether the root stimulator is helpful to the growth of your plants, start by watering only a few plants with root stimulator, and watering others with plain old water. At the end of the season, compare the root development of the plants. If the stimulator shows improvement, consider using it more widely.


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