How to Use Coffee Grounds for Tree Fertilizer

Trees, like any other plant, require care and maintenance in order to boost their growth. An annual or biannual fertilizer can help them reach their full potential and grow faster. According to North Carolina State University, trees require nitrogen, phosphate and potash to flourish. Coffee grounds are organic materials that act as natural fertilizers that can provide trees with just these nutrients. Fertilizing trees with coffee grounds is fairly simple.

Things You'll Need

  • ½ pound coffee grounds
  • 5 gallons of warm water
  • 5-gallon bucket

Video of the Day

Save used coffee grounds in an old coffee can every day.

Mix ½ pound of coffee grounds with 5 gallons of warm water in a bucket to create a fast-acting liquid fertilizer.

Pour the fertilizer around the base of the tree to provide it with natural fertilizer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sprinkle the coffee grounds around the tree before watering to create a slow-release fertilizer.
  • Beware of over-fertilizing your tree; annually or biannually is sufficient.


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