How to Kill Ants Permanently

Ant infestation is the number-one pest control problem in the United States. Commonly known ants include the harvester, carpenter and fire ant varieties, but there are over 19 different types of ants found in North America. While some sprays and pesticides will kill ants on contact, it is necessary to infiltrate the ant colony (which may be hiding behind walls in your home or garage) in order to kill ants permanently.

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Inspect your home or garden thoroughly to determine how many different places you have spotted ant activity.

Purchase ant bait traps at your supermarket, department or drug store. Combat ant bait traps work well and are long lasting--up to 90 days.

Set one ant bait trap in each location of your home or garden where you have spotted ant activity.

Do not spray or kill ants when you notice them near your bait traps. The ants will carry the bait contained inside back to their hidden colonies in order to eliminate and kill the ants that may be hidden behind walls or inside sidewalk cracks or crevices.

Allow the traps to stay in place for up to 90 days. If the ant problem continues after this period, it may be necessary to purchase additional ant traps or call a pest control specialist for professional extermination.


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