How to Kill Worms in Pecan Trees

Webworms can be bothersome pests when they nest in pecan trees. Harsh chemicals may work to kill worms in pecan trees, but most home owners prefer environmentally safe forms of reducing these annoyances. This safe and effective method can successfully eliminate worms from pecan trees with little more supplies than a well-positioned stick and some strategically placed plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Long bamboo stick
  • Buckwheat plants
  • Wasps
  • BT insecticide (bacillus thuringinsis)
  • Hose
  • Sprayer attachment

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Non-toxic Method

Grow buckwheat plants on your property, around the area of the affected pecan tree, to attract wasps.

Use a long bamboo stick to poke a hole in the web where the worms nest. This will provide access for the wasps to feed on the worms.

Poke holes in any present web. As the wasps feed on the worms, the pest problem will be resolved, while causing no harm from harsh chemicals to plants, pets or humans.

Insecticide Method

Use a long stick to break a hole in the web.

Attach a bottle of BT (bacillus thuringinsis) to your hose sprayer by unscrewing the cover and twisting it onto the sprayer.

Spray the insecticide directly into the web in order to kill larvae before they form into moths. The chemical is most effective when applied to very young worms, yet will not harm other beneficial insects or the plant.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can add molasses to the BT as a sticking agent, causing the insecticide to adhere better to the plant.
  • Always adhere to manufacturer's specifications for use of insecticides.


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