How to Kill a Mouse Nest

Things You'll Need

  • Rodentcide packets

  • Mice nest

Mice are a common addition to home pests and are more often than not hard to get rid of because of their sneaky, nocturnal ways and their hidden entrances to their colony. Methods of getting rid of or killing mice include traps, rodentcides and extermination. Most people do not bother thinking about their chosen method of removal or extermination just so long as the mice are gone and can cause no more harm to the house or objects inside.

Setting the Rodentcide

Step 1

Gather a handful of the rodentcide packets.

Step 2

Place in strategic places that will attract mice, such as inside entrance holes, underneath floorboards and inside floor vents.

Step 3

Continue this process for two to three weeks, making sure the mice do not run out of rodentcide foods.

Step 4

Search for corpses after two weeks or as soon as a foul smell arises.

Step 5

Dispose of corpses in a tightly wrapped newspaper or paper bag and place in a sealed trash can to avoid the smell or hungry predators.


Rodentcide packets are efficient because the packets make it easy to place in hard-to-reach areas, and the mice have something to tear into to get their poisonous food. If there is a considerable-sized infestation, the best option would be to call an exterminator so they will remove the dead rats after exterminating them.