How to Use the Lil Shark Pool Cleaner

There is little more inviting than a clear, sparkling swimming pool on a hot summer day. A pool floor that is filled with dirt and debris does not encourage entrance. Keeping your pool's floor clean will not only allow you and your guests to enjoy the pool more fully, it will also help keep the pool in better condition, helping to protect your investment. Caring for a pool floor does not have to be difficult. In fact, pool vacuums, such as the Lil' Shark, will do the job with little effort on your part.

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Remove pool toys. Clean the pool filter, skimmer and baskets before attaching the Lil' Shark cleaner for the first time. Turn on the pump.

Assemble the vacuum by inserting the swivel assembly piece into the body of the cleaner and turn one-quarter of a full turn to the right until it locks in place. Turn the brush adjuster to the setting "0." Insert the hose attachment cuff over the swivel assembly. Attach the hose to the end of the cuff.

Lower the vacuum cleaner into the water with the mouth facing up rather than the bottom of the pool. Force the hose into the water along the pool's edge until the hose and cleaner are filled with water.

Connect the end of the hose to the skimmer basket. Pull the cleaner to the opposite side of the pool and release. When the cleaner reaches the bottom of the pool, it will begin to suction away dirt and move automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before turning on the vacuum, be sure the hose and vacuum are filled with water to avoid introducing air bubbles into the pool filter. After removing from packaging, allow the hose to lay in the sun for a few minutes to straighten.
  • Do not enter the pool while the cleaner is operating, as the hose may entangle swimmers and cause injury or death.


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