How to Set Controls on an Intex Salt Water Pool Filter

The controls on the Intex® saltwater pool filter are set once at the initial installation and do not have to be reset as long as it has a constant electrical supply because the system uses a digital 24-hour internal timer that will automatically reset after 24 hours. If the saltwater system is not continuously plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet, the timer control will need to be reset at the beginning of every pump cycle.

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Start the pool pump to circulate the water through the saltwater filter before setting the timer on the Intex® saltwater pool filter.

Unlock the keypad on the Intex® saltwater pool filter control panel by pressing and holding down the arrow button until a short beep is heard, then pressing and holding the up arrow button until a second beep is heard. The LED screen will flash “00.” The keypad is now unlocked.

Set the operating hours using the up arrow button to increase the hours of operation and the down arrow button to decrease the hours of operation. Hours of operation are determined by the amount of water in gallons for the pool size.

Re-lock the keypad by pressing and holding the down arrow button for 2 seconds until a long beep is heard, then pressing and holding the up arrow button for another 2 seconds until a second long beep is heard. The green LED light will light up within minutes indicating the system is operating.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hours of operation examples are as follows: 2,000 gallons of water equals 1 hour of operation, adding 1 hour for every 2,000 gallons of water.


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