How to Remove Permanent Marker Grafitti

Remove Permanent Marker Graffiti
Remove Permanent Marker Graffiti (Image: Image by Karl-Erik Bennion (used with permission))

Graffiti can be a nuisance, but if it is done with a permanent marker, it can be easily removed. Follow the steps below to remove graffiti by a permanent marker from most surfaces. This method does not work if the surface absorbs the marker ink (like cloth or paper).

Things You'll Need

  • A small rag or towel
  • A dry erase marker

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Examine the entire site of the graffiti to check for absorption of the permanent marker. If it looks as though the markings are confined to the surface, you are in good shape.

Conduct a test with the dry erase marker. Make a small dot somewhere on the surface with the graffiti. Allow 10-15 seconds for it to dry, and then try to erase the mark using the rag or cloth. If the mark does not come up, do not complete the rest of these steps. You will need to find another solution. If the mark you made will erase again completely, you're golden!

Use the dry erase marker to scribble over a small section of the graffiti (no bigger than one square inch). Immediately wipe off as much as you can with the rag. Do not allow time to dry this time.

Continue scribbling out and wiping off the graffiti one small section at a time until nothing remains. It should come off fairly well if it passed the first two steps of inspection and testing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to use a dry erase marker, not another permanent marker!
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