How to Stop Flies Breeding In Your Home

Things You'll Need

  • Disinfectant

  • Paper towels

  • Garbage bags


Flies can be a constant problem during the summer months, and are even worse when they are breeding in your home. Stopping them from breeding is usually fairly easy, so long as you know what kinds of substances should be removed in order to stop them.

Step 1

Identifying where they are breeding The most obvious way to tell where the flies are breeding is the sight of maggots in or around your home. The common places where maggots are hatched tend to be animal feces (such as a litter box), rotten food and rotting flesh. Flies will quickly seek otu all of these locations if they can be found within a house to lay eggs.

Another way to tell if flies are breeding nearby is the appearance of smaller juvenile flies as well as the larger ones. Younger flies tend not to venture too far away from where they are hatched until they are fully grown, so mean that they have hatched nearby if you see them.

Step 2

Remove the Breeding Grounds Using garbage bags, gloves, disinfectant spray and paper towels, clean up all of the places where flies can breed. Not all of them will be readily apparent, so e sure to check underneath fridges and behind furniture, particularly if you have pets which might have defecated there.

Step 3

Kill the Breeding Population of Flies Using a fly swatter or rolled newspaper, kill all of the flies that you can see, and make sure all entrances to your home are secured or covered with fine mesh screens. Killing every single one this way is difficult, and using spray bombs can be more effective. These do require that you vacate your home for a couple of hours however, and can be costly to cover each room.


If there are lots of flies entering your home through the front door, then hang several sticky fly strips to reduce their numbers.

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