How to Decorate Graduation Caps

No graduation gown is complete without a graduation cap. Grad caps typically feature a flat, square-shaped top and a tassel. At a graduation ceremony, all of the members of a class usually wear the same colored gowns and caps. As a result, it can be difficult to stand out from others at the ceremony. Students who wish to add a personalized touch to their graduation outfit can decorate their cap with a few simple tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen

  • Hot glue gun

  • Decorative materials such as rhinestones or beads

  • Candy

  • Embroidery floss or clear fishing wire

Step 1

Decide on the main decorative theme for your graduation cap. Examples include your initials or graduation year.

Step 2

Lay down the cap on a firm surface so that the flat side faces upward.

Step 3

Use a pen to draw the outline of your chosen decoration on the flat side of the cap. You may not see actual pen marks on the satiny fabric typically used on graduation caps; however, the pen will leave an imprint that will serve as a guide.

Step 4

Plug in the glue gun and wait until the glue is thoroughly heated.

Step 5

Dispense the glue onto the pen outline. Do not cover the entire outline at once. Instead, dispense a line of glue measuring 1 or 2 inches at a time.

Step 6

Press decorative materials on top of the glue immediately after dispensing the glue, while it is still hot. Consider using rhinestones, beads, coins or small seashells.

Step 7

Continue to dispense glue and add more decorations until the design is complete.

Step 8

Gather several pieces of your favorite candy. Each piece can be a different type of candy or you can use several pieces of one type. Do not remove the plastic wrapping from the candy.

Step 9

Cut several pieces of embroidery floss or transparent fishing wire. The fishing wire will not be visible from a distance, so use this material if you want to create the illusion that the candy is "floating" around your face. Each piece should measure approximately 7 or 8 inches.

Step 10

Tie one end of a piece of floss or fishing wire around a piece of candy. If using round-shaped candies (for example, a peppermint) tie the string around one of the cinched ends so it will not slip off. Tie the string into a tight double knot.

Step 11

Use the glue gun to attach the free end of the string to the top of your cap.

Step 12

Continue to attach pieces of candy to the remaining strings and glue the strings to the cap. When you put the cap on, the candy will hang around your face.


To ensure that your decorations are visible, choose materials with colors that stand out against the color of your cap.

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