How to Keep Squirrels Out of the Attic

Keep squirrels from entering your attic.
Keep squirrels from entering your attic. (Image: (Morguefile))

Most people become aware of squirrels in their attics when they hear scratching, clawing or scampering noises during the day when squirrels are most active. On some occasions, squirrels can make their way from your attic into the walls or living areas of your home. This not only destroys your home as the animal chews its way through walls and wooden structures, but the bile droppings left behind create an unsanitary environment. After following a few short steps, you can be sure to keep squirrels from entering your attic.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy gauge wire screen
  • Staple gun or hammer and nails
  • 2-inch-thick by 4-foot-long pieces of wood
  • Saw
  • Small weatherproof box

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Cover any holes or open attic vents from the inside with a heavy gauge wire screen. Use a nail, staple gun or other sturdy attachment method. Nail down all four corners, including intervals between each corner. Only tacking down the corner will enable the squirrel to shimmy its way through the opening between the four corners.

Fix any additional holes that the squirrel was using as an entryway. If the squirrel has chewed its way in, seal the hole with a nonchewable material. If you prefer to use a wood substance for patching, either reinforce it with an additional piece of wood or cover the patchwork with a piece of heavy wire screen.

Reinforce the wood in all areas that may be susceptible for squirrel entry. With a little time, this animal can chew through a two-inch-thick piece of wood. Therefore, any parts of your attic that separate the outdoors by only two inches of wood should be backed up by an additional piece. For even more protection, line the inside of the attic walls with the heavy screen material.

Repair any additional damage caused by the squirrel. These rodents may have broken into your plumbing to find a source of water. Fixing this leak will aid in deterring squirrels from finding this water supply.

Remove any droppings left by the squirrel and clean the space. Squirrels that enter an attic containing the droppings of a previous squirrel are more likely to consider the place a long-term home.

Set up an alternative nesting place in your yard using a small weatherproof box. Entice them to their new home by initially including some squirrel safe food.


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