How to Lay Sod Yourself

The great debate on how to lay sod yourself is often more frustrating than the actual task. Anyone can learn how to lay sod yourself as we will discuss along with proper sod care. This article on how to lay sod yourself is based on you already knowing how its done but lack the knowledge of how to make it grow successfully.

Things You'll Need

  • Sod
  • A Flat Shovel
  • A Spade Shovel
  • 4 small sticks
  • 10 to 20 feet of rope
  • 1 Bag of Sun Shade Mix Grass Seed
  • Top Soil
  • Tape Measure
  • Snap Knife

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Learn how to lay sod yourself, by following these simple instructions.

Before you begin calling sod companies you will need to measure the area were you will be laying the sod. Sod companies sell many different sizes of sod rolls, but you should stick to the standard rolls which are 2 feet wide by 6 feet long. When you measure keep this in mind. If the area you're replacing with new sod is 5x5 you will need 3 rolls of sod. Also for the area you should always measure out to the furthest point of were there is dead grass or none at all.

The next step is locating sod companies. You should check the yellow pages under sod care or do a quick search online for sod companies in your area. Make a list of the closest ones to you and give them each a call. When you talk to them make a list of the prices that all the sod companies offer. Another thing to consider when contacting sod companies is what kind of grass you already have. Some sod companies may ask this, if you don't know don't worry just get there general prices.

After deciding which of the sod companies is best for you and taking your measurements of the area you'll be sodding you can start digging out the old grass. When removing the old grass the area should be at least 2 inches below the good grass level. This way you have space for an inch of top soil and an inch of roots that the sod will already have. Use a flat shovel to make sure your area is perfectly squared off. Keep a sample of grass that you dug up so that you can take it with you to one of the sod companies you've chosen.

While you're at the sod farm ask one of the reps if you can buy a bag of grass seed also. If they ask what kind of seed you would like tell them that you need a sun shade mix. You only need a 3 pound bag or 5 pounds if the area you will be sodding is extra large. Additionally while you're at the sod company pick up about 4 of the big bags of top soil. If your area you will be sodding is 5x5 you need 4 bags if the area is 10x10 you need 8 bags and so forth.

** Please see the link below in the -resources section- for part 2 of this article on how to lay sod yourself.

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  • How to Lay Sod Yourself
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