How to Catch Shrimp at Night

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Things You'll Need

  • Shrimp Net

  • Shrimp Light

  • Marine Deep Cycle Battery

  • Cooler

You could have a fridge full tonight!

Catching fresh shrimp is easy to do and will save you a ton of money next time you want a fresh seafood dinner. Shrimp can be found in many saltwater rivers and catching them is just a few easy steps away.


Step 1

Purchase a shrimp net. Visiting your local bait store can give you ideas of what you are looking for. You typically want a net with at least a 12 foot pole, at least 3 feet in diameter at the opening, and the net itself should be at least 3 feet long. Shopping online may be a good option to save some money.


Step 2

Purchase a shrimp light. The lights are made of water proof bulb that is attached to a lead sinker. Make sure the cord is at least 20-25 feet long so you can plug it in to the battery and still reach the water will you will be trying to catch the shrimp!

Step 3

Purchase a marine deep cycle battery. Other batteries such as automotive batteries can be used but will not last as long. Make sure the battery is fully charged, many new ones do not. You don' t want to go out shrimping and have a dead battery:(


Step 4

Pick a location that you will be trying to catch shrimp at. You can catch shrimp from a boat parked right off the main channel or from a low lying overpass road. Try to locate an area where the river becomes narrow and creates a bottleneck for the shrimp to pass through.

Step 5

Pick the correct tide to catch shrimp in. The outgoing tide is the best time to catch shrimp. Tide information can be found online, in sporting magazines, and at local bait stores.

Step 6

Now we are ready to catch a lot of shrimp. Lower your light into the water about 1-2 feet below the surface. Do not plug the light in until it is fully submerged, doing so will burn it out! It must be underwater when it is on!


Step 7

Place your net in the water so that it is almost completely underwater and make sure you are facing so that the tide is coming towards you. The shrimp will travel along with the outgoing tide. When you see the shrimp floating towards you, move your net left and right to catch the shrimp.

Step 8

When you r net begins to fill with the shrimp you have caught, dump it into your cooler and start back over.


Enjoy all of your fresh shrimp but check local laws to find out how many you are allowed to keep and when.