How to Clean a Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system consists of one base unit connected to various outlets throughout the house. Hoses can be attached to any of these outlets to vacuum that area, and the dirt and debris then are carried to the base unit. Some brands of central vacuum cleaning systems need to be cleaned regularly, whereas others only need attention when there is an issue with suction. The basic method to cleaning out a central vacuum is as follows.

Things You'll Need

  • Rag
  • Garbage bag

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Locate the base unit of the central vacuum system. These units often are large cylindrical containers that may be hung on a wall.

Remove the dirt receptacle from the unit. The dirt receptacle is on the bottom of the container and should be easily removed by unhooking clips on both sides of the container.

Empty the dirt receptacle into the garbage and wipe out the receptacle with a rag.

Wrap a plastic garbage bag around the open bottom of the base unit. Place your hand underneath the bottom of the bag and reach up into the base unit. The bag will be covering your hand as you reach up into the central vacuum canister.

Use your hand to brush the dirt away from the filter and shake the filter to free the dust and dirt. All of the debris will drop into the garbage bag to prevent a mess.

Replace the dirt receptacle and throw away the garbage bag full of dirt.

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