How to Use Humic Acid

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Things You'll Need

  • Humic acid

  • Water

  • Pump, ground or backpack sprayer

  • Measuring devices for liters and gallons

Humic acid is classified as a plant bio-stimulant: A material that promotes plant growth, health and development by inducing hormone activity. Bio-stimulants also help plants fight free radicals by protecting the plant from lipid (fat), protein and DNA damage inside of the plant's cells. Applying humic acid in the correct concentration for the correct application can benefit flower and vegetable gardens, soil, lawns and other growing applications.


Step 1

Mix humic acid to the appropriate dilution rate according to the planned application: Soil: 1 liter humic acid to 5 gallons water (up to one acre of coverage) Foliar (leaf): 1 liter humic acid to 5 gallons water (up to one acre of coverage) Drip systems: 2 oz. humic acid to 1 qt. water Lawn and grass: 6 to 10 oz. humic acid to 5 gallons water (up to 1,000 square feet of coverage)

Step 2

Fill the sprayer container with the appropriately diluted humic acid mixture.

Step 3

Spray the humic acid mixture onto the area that needs treatment.


Step 4

Reapply the humic acid mixture according to manufacturer specifications on the packaging, or when the insects you are treating begin to reappear.


Humic acid is most readily available on the Internet.