How to Ship Food Overseas

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Before sending any food item overseas you need to make sure you are following all guideline and requirements. Some countries have restrictions on certain products, especially food items. You will also want to make sure that your package follows all postal regulations and restrictions as well.


Step 1

Check the "International Mail Manual Index of Countries and Localities" (See Resources1). Search for the location where you want to send your food. For example, go to Canada and click on the number beside it.

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Step 2

Read through the "Country Conditions for Mailing" You'll notice that an often prohibited item is alcohol. Pay careful attention to the restrictions and exceptions. Depending on the country's policies, you may be able to send a restricted item but may need to fill out an appropriate form provided on the page.

Step 3

Go to the Universal Postal website (See Resources 2). Read all requirements to assure your food items and packages are allowed to go through customs. If a form applies to your food items, you'll need to fill out the appropriate form to send with your package.

Step 4

Make sure your food is packaged appropriately. Contact the post office to make sure your packaging and containers will be sufficient. Use sturdy boxes and seal food in a plastic container. Do not use glass.


Step 5

Write any necessary indications concerning the food on the front of the package. For example, if the food is perishable, write this in on the front of the package with a permanent black marker.


Always track your package and request delivery confirmation.


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