How to Graft Adeniums

Adenium obesum
Adenium obesum (Image: Travelinman43)

The easiest way to graft a desirable or rare species of Adenium is by using the "flat graft" method. Typically, the scion needs to be grafted onto a stock of the same plant family. For instance, most Adeniums are grafted onto Adenium obesum. But occasionally, the rarer species of Adenium are grafted onto an oleander (Nerium).

Things You'll Need

  • Adenium stock (Adenium obesum)
  • Scion (shoot from another Adenium)
  • Sharp knife or blade
  • Plastic twine
  • Small plastic bag

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Before beginning, sterilize the knife blade by letting the blade sit in denatured alcohol for a few minutes. Then being very careful to make sure you don't bruise the plant tissue, make a clean slice across the Adenium stock (the bottom part of a graft that has the roots).

Take a scion (the plant shoot taken from a desirable species) from another plant and slice a flat piece off of the bottom of the scion. Make every attempt to keep your fingers off of the newly exposed plant tissue.

Place the scion firmly onto the center of the stock with both freshly cut places together.

Take the twine and wrap it around the stock part a few times and then bring it up and over the newly grafted scion and back down to wrap around the stock again to secure the graft.

Take the plastic baggie and cover the scion and most of the stock. Secure the baggie around the entire graft.The idea here is to keep some humidity circulating around the graft to promote permanent attachment. It takes about 3 weeks for the graft to unite.

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