How to Keep Crickets Out of a House

Cricket (Image: Pearson Scott Foresman, Public Domain)

Most every homeowner has been bothered in the night by a chirping cricket. Crickets are unwelcome houseguests: They not only keep people awake at night, but their population can grow very fast. One female cricket can lay hundreds of eggs, so keeping them out of your house is crucial. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep crickets from seeking out shelter in your house and setting up housekeeping.

Things You'll Need

  • Expanding foam
  • Garden rake
  • Liquid insecticide
  • Sticky traps

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Fill any cracks in your walls and in your home's foundation with expanding foam. Expanding foam can be purchased at most any home-improvement store. It generally comes in pressurized containers/cans and has a spray-application tip. Simply insert the tip into any crack in your home's foundation or walls and spray. Do not completely fill up the crack, because the foam will eventually expand and harden. Once the application has hardened, check to see that the crack is completely filled. If not, reapply.

Check beneath the outer doors of your home to ensure that they reach the ground and that there is no way for a cricket to crawl beneath them.

Check around the windows and vents in your home to ensure that they seal properly and that there are no gaps where crickets could enter.

Keep the grass trimmed low around your home's foundation. Crickets gravitate toward tall grass.

Rake all lawn clippings away from your home and deposit them in a compost heap or a location that is far from your house. Crickets like to take shelter in piles of grass clippings.

Place your outside garbage cans a few yards from your home, as garbage can attract crickets.

Keep your gutters and outdoor drains cleaned out and free of debris. Crickets love the moist debris, and will often seek shelter in these areas.

Place sticky traps inside your screened-in porches and patios. Place them on the floor on both sides of the doors. This will help stop any crickets that have made their way onto your porches and patios from getting into your home.

Purchase a liquid insecticide treatment that is listed on the label as working on crickets. Spray the insecticide around your home's foundation, where the home meets the earth. A thorough application will make the area wet and moist.

Tips & Warnings

  • Crickets generally make their way into a home around dusk and at night. They are attracted to light.


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