How to Clean a Pool After Rain

Beautiful Pool
Beautiful Pool (Image: Aqua Clean Pools, Pinch-a-Penny)

After a rainstorm, swimming pool water may become green and dirty from algae and debris. It is best to clean up immediately after a storm so algae do not multiply and make the water greener, especially during warmer weather.

Things You'll Need

  • One or two 1-pound bags of Super Shock
  • Pool clarifier
  • Algicide or liquid chlorine
  • Skimmer or debris net
  • Pool vacuum
  • Pool pump

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Clear all debris from the surface of the water with the skimmer or debris net. Empty skimmer baskets and clean impeller pot on the pump.

Vacuum the pool bottom and sides with the pool vacuum.

Add one bag of Super Shock, along with algicide and/or liquid chlorine to kill the algae.

Super Shock
Super Shock

Start the pool pump and run for 24 hours straight.

After the pump has run for 24 hours, backwash the pump. Backwashing reverses the water flow to expel the algae and debris from the pump filter. Refer to the instruction manual for the pump. In most cases, a lever is turned to the "Backwash" position and water is run for several minutes. The lever is then turned to the "Rinse" position for a few minutes. Additional steps may be required. For example, you may need to expel the air bubbles or prime the pump after a backwash. For self-priming pumps, after the rinse cycle, place the lever back in the "Normal" position to resume regular function.

Shock the water again with Super Shock (second day).

Add clarifier four to five hours after the second-day shock treatment. Pay attention to the directions on the package. In most cases, clarifier is very concentrated. Mix with water and spread out over the surface of the water for best results. Clarifier will clump the dead algae together so it may easily be vacuumed up and discarded.

About two hours after adding the clarifier, vacuum the pool. By then, the algae has had a chance to clump and may be vacuumed.

Backwash and allow the pump to run for the rest of the second day.

Repeat these steps until pool water is clean and clear. This may take some time -- up to a week in some cases. Be patient and backwash often to clear the algae from the pump.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always run the pump during a storm. The circulating water will slow algae growth.
  • Do not drag out the process. For example, don't try to skimp on pump-running time. The longer the pool remains dirty, the more chemicals the cleanup will require.


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