How to Clean a Leather Jacket at Home


A good leather jacket is a wardrobe investment that can last decades with proper care.

Things You'll Need

  • Rough towel

  • Baby wipes

  • Soft towel

  • Soft brush

  • High quality shampoo

  • Bowl

  • Clean sponge

Step 1

Leather is animal skin and should be treated as delicately as you would treat your own skin. It needs moisture in order to maintain it's supple richness.

Our bodies produce the oils our skin needs to stay healthy, and still we need to help it along. Your leather jacket can't produce anything on its own, so it needs you to take care of it.

Step 2

For Smooth Leather

1) Gently scrub off any surface dirt with a rough towel.

2) Wipe down the jacket with baby wipes. They are designed to be gentle enough for a baby's skin, so they shouldn't be too harsh for your jacket.

3) Polish and shine the jacket with a soft, absorbent towel.

Step 3

For Sueded Leather

1) Gently brush the jacket with a brush that is the consistency of a fingernail brush or a soft toothbrush. Often, this is all that is needed.

2) If additional cleaning is needed, gently scrub with baby wipes.

3) Allow to dry completely.

4) Brush again.

Step 4

Cleaning the Lining

Here are the steps to use if you need to clean the lining of the jacket:

1) Vacuum any surface dirt off the lining and out of the pockets.

2) Put 2-3 drops of a high quality shampoo in a mixing bowl, fill with cold water, and swish.

3) Immerse a clean sponge into the mixture and ring it out.

4) Wipe the lining with the sponge.

5) Allow to dry completely.

6) Vacuum any residue.


CAUTION: When cleaning any valuable article, always test a small portion that isn't easily visible, to ensure that no damage or discoloration occurs.

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