How to Get Glue Off a Non-Stick Pan

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You can get glue off a non-stick pan.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to completely remove a glued-on sticker from your new non-stick pan. The sticker comes off in bits and pieces, but the glue remains. Using an abrasive will probably mar the surface of your shiny pan; further, you don't want to apply anything that isn't food-safe. The answer is probably right in front of you or in a nearby cupboard. Oil. Cooking oil, salad oil, peanut oil…any oil that is safe enough for your tummy is also strong enough to remove glue from a non-stick pan. Just a dab on a piece of paper towel will do the trick.


Use Oil to Remove Glue

Any kind of cooking oil, from the basic to the exotic, will remove that stubborn glue remaining from under the sticker that was thoughtlessly applied to your purchase, especially if it's on the cooking surface of a pan. A word of caution though: this method works on a hard, non-absorbent surface, but test it first if you're applying oil to fabric or absorbent materials.


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Dab a few drops of oil onto the surface of a paper towel and place it on the glue smudge. Let it sit for a few minutes so the oil absorbs into the glue, then wipe away with a clean paper towel. If there is any glue left over, repeat. Wash the pan in warm, soapy water until the oil is totally removed, and dry with a clean kitchen towel.


Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

Yes, peanut butter has more uses than as part of a duo with jelly. The peanut oils are helpful when trying to remove glue from a non-stick pan. Use your finger to swab just enough peanut butter to cover the glue and let it sit for a few minutes so the oils absorb into the surface. Wipe away with a clean paper towel. You may have to use the tip of your finger to gently scrape away any leftover glue, but it should be easy to remove completely.


Many Uses for White Vinegar

One of the many tasks distilled white vinegar is useful for is removing glue residue. Pour a dab onto a paper towel and place it over the sticky spot. After a few minutes, remove the paper towel and wipe away the glue. Or you can just pour a bit directly onto the sticky spot, rub with your finger and then wipe away. A word of warning: just because your glass cleaner has vinegar in it, don't spray it on food-friendly pots, pans and dishes. Other ingredients in the product may harm your digestive system.


Vodka Isn’t Just for Drinking

If all else fails, go to your liquor cabinet and pull out a bottle of vodka. It doesn't have to be the expensive stuff – just regular vodka will do because of its alcohol content. Pour a few drops onto the sticky stuff, rub it in a bit and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it away with a paper towel or dishcloth, and the spot should be clear of the gummy goo. Rubbing alcohol works the same way, but if any residue is left over, you'd probably prefer the vodka aftertaste.



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