How to Identify Berry Vines

Identify Berry Vines
Identify Berry Vines (Image:

Berry vines come in many different varieties. Many berry vines look similar, but once you learn to recognize subtle differences, it's easy to identify berry vines.

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Identify apple berry vines. This evergreen, vine-like shrub is dull green and sprawling. The vine has tiny yellow trumpet flowers and red-brown berries that are 1 inch long. The leaves are lanceolate and narrow.

Identify boysenberry vines. These cane-like vines do not have thorns and produce dark purple berries that are almost black. The leaves are smooth and textured.

Identify a golden currant berry vine. Features include slender golden flowers, hardwood vines and deciduous foliage. The aromatic shrub grows to about 6 feet, and the berries are tasty.

Identify raspberry plants. These berries flourish from late spring into the fall, and the vines are rigid and brittle. The plant has sharp edges or spines, and the foliage is deciduous.

Identify the evergreen silverberry shrub. The plant is thorn-less with white blooms and delicious red fruit. The vines thrive from late spring to early summer.

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