How to Make a Mexican Sombrero

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 to 3 half-yard pieces of different colored fabrics

  • Felt tip pen

  • (2) 8-by-10 inch sheets of foam

  • Scissors or a handheld razor

  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

  • Stapler (optional)

  • 1 to 2 yards colored rope, ribbon, miscellaneous trims

Mexican sombreros make perfect party souvenirs for Cinco De Mayo or any other fiesta. Make small versions for party favors or create large centerpieces to set on the top of tables, mount onto walls or to wear as a costume piece. You can make sombreros out of just about any type of fabric.


Step 1

Take one sheet of the foam. Draw perfectly round circles. You should have enough foam to make at least six circles, depending on how small you want them. The circles will be the base of the sombrero. Take the second sheet of foam and divide it up into at least six squares or enough to match one square to each sombrero base. Cut out both foam sheets and match one base and one square for each sombrero you want to make.


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Step 2

Cover the base and square pieces with the fabric, using hot glue or staples. Let the pieces dry, and then take the square pieces and fold them in half lengthwise. Either staple or glue them securely so that they stay folded. Wait for the pieces to dry and glue them directly onto the middle portion of the sombrero base.


Step 3

Ensure the sombreros are completely dry before proceeding. If they aren't, you should set them aside, and wait for them to dry. Gather the rope, ribbon, or other trims you've collected for this project and start cutting them to fit the rim of the sombrero bases and the middle section of each sombrero.


Step 4

Glue the trim to the entire rim (the circular part of the sombrero) of each hat. Glue one piece of rope around each middle portion, and crisscross the rope on the front portion of each sombrero. Add ribbon or other trim pieces as added decoration. Many sombreros are designed with sequins, buttons, leather strips and animal teeth.


Step 5

If you're making a larger sombrero to wear, follow the above directions but add a piece of rope to each side of the sombrero base to use as hat strings, so you can wear the sombrero on your back. Tie the rope under your chin loosely so the sombrero falls onto your back.


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