How to Make Palm Tree Decorations

Make Palm Tree Decorations
Make Palm Tree Decorations (Image: balloons by design)

Creating a palm tree out of balloons is a unique and fun way to create palm tree decorations. You will need some specialty balloons, but they can be ordered online or purchased at a balloon supply store. The palm tree described in this article will be 10 feet tall. To create smaller or even larger palm trees, adjust the number of Link-o-Loons you use in the assembly of the palm trees.

Things You'll Need

  • 6 Cocoa brown Link-o-Loons
  • 100-count bag of 5-inch cocoa brown round latex balloons
  • 8 Emerald Green 646 balloons (6 inches in diameter and 46 inches long)
  • Helium tank

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Inflate the Link-o-Loons with helium.


Tie the Link-o-Loons together end to end to create a chain. Tie the bottom Link-o-Loon to a weight to hold the palm tree to the floor and in the upright position.

Inflate the 5 inch balloons with helium and tie them in clusters of four balloons. You do this by tying the knots of two balloons together, and then taking two sets of two balloons, and twisting them together.

Twist the clusters around the joints in the Link-o-Loons.

Inflate the 646 balloons with helium.

646 balloons
646 balloons

Tie two of them together at the knot. Repeat this step with all of them so you end up with four sets of two balloons.

Twist all four sets together at the knot to create one large cluster of balloons.

Take the top portion of the Link-o-Loons chain and tie it around the center of the 646-balloon cluster. This will create the palms of the palm tree.

Fill a large Styrofoam coffee cup with cement.

Stick an eye hook in the cement at the top of the cup.

Allow plenty of time for the cement to dry completely and harden.

Wrap the cup with brown tissue paper to blend in with the trunk of the palm tree.

Tie the bottom Link-o-Loon to the eye hook sticking out of the cement.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are in a room where the ceiling is higher than you can reach to retrieve your inflated balloons, put them in garbage bags as you inflate them and weight down the garbage bag.
  • The palm tree will topple when the helium escapes. Since the balloons you'll be working with are all latex, do not make the trees too far in advance or they won't make it through the party.
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