How to Make a Vietnamese Paper Lantern

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Things You'll Need

  • construction paper

  • scissors

  • tape

  • 2 cardboard discs

  • string

  • tassels or ribbon

Paper lanterns are a beautiful part of Vietnam's annual Moon Festival that takes place in the fall. Both children and adults enjoy making and displaying these colorful decorations. Made mostly from materials you can find lying around the house, you can make dozens of lanterns to celebrate Vietnam's Autumn Festival.



Step 1

Fold a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise.

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Step 2

Mark half-inch intervals along the folded edge with a light pencil and cut along the edges perpendicular to the edge, stopping about an inch before the end of the paper. Continue cutting slits at each of your half-inch intervals.


Step 3

Open the sheet of construction paper and wrap it around sideways into the shape of a lantern. To hold it in place, apply tape along the edges that meet.

Step 4

Punch several holes that are spread at regular intervals around the circumference of the lantern on both the top and the bottom edges. This will depend on how many strings you wish to attach on top and how many tassels or ribbons you wish to attach on bottom. Three or four holes on top and bottom are recommended.


Step 5

Attach string to the holes on top and tie them together above the lantern.

Step 6

Attach tassels or ribbons to the holes on the bottom edge of the lantern.

Step 7

Connect cardboard discs to the bottom and top of the lantern using either tape or glue.


To add light to your lantern, you can attach a battery-powered light socket to the cardboard disc on top or bottom, or run a cord from either side.


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