How to Grow Fruit Trees from Seed or Pit

Things You'll Need

  • Vice grips

  • Plastic cup

  • Zipper-lock plastic bag

  • Potting soil or compost


Fruit trees require little care once they are established, rewarding you for your labor year after year with fresh, local free fruit. First, investigate that the type of fruit tree you want to grow will flourish in your growing zone. Next, collect fruit seeds or pits from which you will grow your tree. Growing a fruit tree from seeds will require stratification in the refrigerator or other area below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can expect to have ripe fruit from your tree within a few years.

Step 1

Choose ripe fruit. If the fruit clings tightly to the pit or seed, the fruit may not be ripe enough. Pull the pit out of the fruit.

Step 2

Crack the hard outer shell of the fruit pit with vice grips, which are ideal because they will not close past a determined point. It is not necessary to remove the seed from the pit; simply make sure the pit is cracked.

Step 3

Place the fruit seed in a small plastic cup filled with good potting soil or compost three months before the last frost date. The plastic cup must be small enough to fit into a zipper-lock plastic bag. Dampen the soil, but don't make it soggy. Place the cup inside the bag. Zip the bag. Store it inside the refrigerator until your last frost date has passed.

Step 4

Remove the cup from the refrigerator and the bag just after your last frost date. Roots should have developed while in the refrigerator. Place the cup in a sunny window. Keep the soil moist and the temperature at about 70 degrees.

Step 5

Transplant your small fruit tree outdoors after a few weeks of adapting to the new temperature. Clear the planting area of weeds and grass when you are ready to plant your fruit tree outside. Dig a hole large enough to place the plant into the ground, covering the base of the plant.


It can be beneficial to choose fruit that you find particularly tasty. Although it is not guaranteed that the seed's offspring will have identical characteristics, it will improve your chance of growing a fruit tree you love.

Spring is the perfect time to transplant.

Keep the new tree well-mulched and watered.

Mark the location of your tree with a stake so you do not mow over it.


Do not use a hammer, pliers or any object that might damage the seed inside the pit when opening it.

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