How to Fold a Fancy Napkin

A nicely folded napkin makes a formal table setting look complete. For your next dinner party, take a few minutes to fold the napkins into a simple but stylish pyramid shape — a trick often used in fancy restaurants. Be sure to use your best cloth napkins, as they will be front and center, on top of the plates.

Step 1

Lay out the napkin so it is completely flat. If the napkin has a right side and a wrong side, make sure the right side is facedown on the table. Position the napkin so that one corner is facing you.

Step 2

Fold the top corner of the napkin to the opposite corner — the one nearest you — to make a triangle.

Step 3

Take one of the side corners and fold it down to the bottom corner.

Step 4

Do the same with the other side. You should now have a square.

Step 5

Flip the square over so you are looking at the non-folded side.

Step 6

Fold the bottom corner up to the top corner to make a triangle again. The triangle should have a fold down the center.

Step 7

Carefully pick up the napkin while folding the two corners back towards each other. Once folded, the napkin will sit nicely on a plate. Position the fold to face the diner, with the corners pointing toward the center of the table.


This fold works best with stiffer material; silky fabrics may not be able to hold the pyramid shape. Try starching and ironing your napkins for the crispest look.

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