How to Keep Your Fresh Cut Flowers From Wilting

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I love stopping at the fresh-cut flower mart when I'm shopping at the grocery store, but I don't like bringing them home and three days later they are drooping and wilting. Some types of flowers are hardier than others.

Things You'll Need

  • salt, aspirin, soda, charcoal
  • vase

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If you have some flowers and they are starting to wilt, boil up a pan of water. Plunge the stems into the boiling water for a few minutes and then place them back into your vase that is now filled with fresh cold water. This will revive them and they should last a couple days longer. It is fun to see a little more life return to these beauties. Aspirin, charcoal, salt, and soda in the water all have the same affect towards keeping your flowers fresh.

Flowers that are woody-stemmed, like chrysanthemums, can be cut to the first joint. Then, split the stems upward about half an inch. Dip these ends into the boiling pan of water for a few minutes and then plunge them into the cold water vase that has a touch of salt added in. FOR TULIPS: A tiny bit of wax in the calix of each tulip will prolong its life.

The last tip to keep flowers fresh. If you are going to give a bouquet of flowers to someone but have to hold on to them for a day before you can get them to where they are going then gather them into a vase and let them stand all night in cold water up to their flower heads. They will absorb enough water to last the next day until you get them to where they need to go.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a flowering house plant water it with a just finished carton of milk, by pouring some water into the empty carton. The slight bit of milk left in the carton stimulates the blossoms.
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