How to Dress Like Tonks From Harry Potter

Nymphadora Tonks, the mischievous metamorphmagus and hip older friend of Harry et al appeared in three Harry Potter books and four of the movies. Tonks hated to be called by her first name: A nymph is a stage in an insect's journey toward metamorphosis. But she could morph at will into various disguises -- no incantations or wand required. Her hair color changed frequently, based on her whim and, at times, her strong emotions. She entertained Harry and his friends with her animal faces. Morph yourself into Tonks using items from your home, second-hand stores and simple craft materials.

Depending on whether you make a simple costume or an elaborate wizard costume, you'll need either basic or intermediate crafting skills. Either way, have fun dressing up as the Death Eaters' formidable foe.


If you're wearing your costume at a venue at which the same people will run into you often throughout the course of the event, such as at a party, you can have even more fun playing Tonks. With various props up your sleeve, turn your head and slip on the pig's snout, or return from the punch bowl with suddenly grown whiskers. Excuse yourself to the restroom, and return in old-woman disguise.

Hair and Makeup Magic

Because you won't be able to repeatedly color your hair at the event, use wigs. Or, color your hair bubble-gum pink, Tonks' favorite in the Potter books. While she often wore shoulder-length hair, straight and parted on the side, she also appeared in short spiky tresses. When she was depressed over her initially unrequited love of Lupin, her hair turned mousy brown. One of her disguises was as an old woman with gray hair worn in tight curls and topped with a purple hat. Check costume aisles at discount and thrift stores for inexpensive wigs.

Study Tonk's face before applying makeup; she favored a pale foundation with dark eyebrows.

Things You'll Need

  • Bubble-gum pink wig or hair color

  • Wigs of assorted colors, especially bright violet, gray, white and ash brown (optional)

  • Ivory foundation

  • Black eyeliner and mascara

  • Brown eyeshadow

  • Dark brown eyebrow pencil

  • Pastel pink or rose, frost lipstick

  • Brown lipstick liner

  • Large, over-the-shoulder, handbag -- black to match the wizard warrior suit or any color that matches the jeans and pink T-shirt

Step 1

Color your hair, following the manufacturer's instructions, or put on the pink wig, and place other wigs in your handbag.

Step 2

Apply ivory or cream foundation.

Step 3

Apply black eyeliner, thickening the line slightly at the outer edges of the lids. Add mascara.

Step 4

Brush eyelids with brown shadow, sweeping upward and outward just beyond the eyes. Softly brush a light brown under the eyes, close to the lids.

Step 5

Use the eyebrow pencil to create dark brown, thick eyebrows that slant upwards until near the outside corner of the eyes, where they arch, before thinning and continuing downward, stopping above where the eyeshadow sweeps outward.

Step 6

Apply brown lipstick liner lightly -- not like in the '80s -- and sweep on the pastel pink or rose frost lipstick.

Morphing Makeup and Props

To add whiskers and a cat nose, you'll need just a touch of makeup. To morph a pig snout, use paper to create one. Search costume aisles at discount and second-hand stores for other masks representing Tonks' playful animal morphs, such as a duck bill.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown or black eyebrow pencil

  • Black eyeliner

  • Makeup remover

  • Pig snout mask or pink construction paper, clear tape, 2 feet of pink yarn and stapler

  • Duck bill and other animal masks (optional)


Two of Tonks' favorite things in her closet -- her patched jeans and Weird Sisters T-shirt -- are inexpensively and easily put together. Creating one of Tonks' more Gothoutfits takes more time and clothing, but you'll look your best for any wizard wars you may encounter.

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