How to Eliminate Hard Water

How to Eliminate Hard Water. If your dishes have spots, your soap doesn't lather well and your white clothes look gray, you could have hard water'water with a high mineral-salt content. Here's what to do.

Things You'll Need

  • Hard Water Test Kits
  • Water Softening Tanks

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Get a water test done to determine how hard your water is. Many water-softener

retailers will do the test for free. Or call a water-conditioning specialist in your area. These people are familiar with the quality of the water in your area and can best recommend how to treat it.

Ask for and review the information from the softener performance data sheet. If the water is only moderately hard, consider buying a simple water softener (low cost). If there are additional minerals and iron, consider a higher-end softener (high cost).

Buy or rent a water conditioner. There are systems to fit every budget, from basic units that cycle regularly to on-demand units with computer controls. Some systems require a lot of attention; you may want to have a service company perform the required maintenance.

Check to see if you need a filtration system in addition to a water softener. Remember that a water softener only removes hardness from your water, not toxins.

Tips & Warnings

  • People who are monitoring their sodium intake may want to consult a physician before installing an ion-exchange water softener, because it will add salt to your water.
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